The 5 Sexiest Apps for Couples

Most of us can agreed that a healthy and active sex life is one of the most thrilling perks of humanity.

According to USA Today, only 15% to 20% of couples identify as having a sexless marriage. With couples being so sexually active- there is a sincere need for variety and spice.

Sexologist Judith Steinhart stated that relationship issues such as lack of trust between spouses, anxiety, and the stress of children, can contribute significantly to having a routine and unfulfilling sexual relationship with your partner.

These apps are designed to rekindle desire, rebuild intimacy and ultimately lead you into fantasy land with your bae.

Are you wet yet?

Hot Truth or Dare (Sex Edition)-
Hasn’t this game been hot since the 9th grade? Well now it’s even hotter. You can keep it innocent- or take this game to a new erotic level with categories including Classic, Romantic, Flirt, Icebreaker, Foreplay and Sex. Download the app- and don’t forget to pick a dare every once and a while. Enjoy!

Pleasure Machine-
This is so much sexier then playing the penny slots next to ol’ Judith from Wisconsin while drunk at 4am in Vegas. Every spin is a jack pot. Sometimes sex can be rushed and performance based. Taking our time to think outside the box- creates intimacy with your partner. This app had three categories- body part, action, and timer. Take me to pleasure town!

101 Nights-
Based on the award winning New York Times best selling book by Laura Corn. She knows all the secrets. It is literally a seduction tool kit in your pocket. Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and Heather Locklear have all raved about her on Late Night with David Letterman. She’s a true sex specialist- and her app is going to make you sweat- in the best ways possible.

Initiating conversation about a new fantasy with your mate can sometimes be challenging or intimidating. Kindu is here to help you! It’s Tinder for couples that are down to try new things. You and your partner can swipe through over 100 naughty sexual suggestions to gauge each others interests and most hidden sexual fantasies. When you match- play time begins.
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Holy good vibrations, batman. Want to let your lover know you are thinking of them without saying a word? This app is connected to a variety of vibrators on your phone. With five different settings- you can happily interrupt your partners business meeting or when they are with some sexual stimulation by sending them a pleasure buzz. Just be sure that you’re ready when then come home- all day foreplay can be dangerously fun.
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Well, ladies and gentlemen- you’re welcome. This list might be taking some of your time for awhile- but don’t forget to check back here with tips, inspirations and all your tantalizing needs. Let the downloading commence!