Learning to Breathe
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Rebecca Rice, a prosecutor who views herself as one of the more noble people of her profession, gets blindsided by her own confliction of morality when she refuses to finish prosecuting a case she thinks she should lose. Worse than that, the backlash of actually quitting a case is much worse than she expects. Between her own self-doubt and the self-doubt of her peers, Rebecca is soon overwhelmed by a type of panic that she can’t simply rationalize away. Her assistant urges Rebecca to go to her vacation home in Hawaii to recoup from the stress of recent events, and though Rebecca is reluctant, she knows she needs to do something to rid herself of panic attacks. But when Rebecca discovers her assistant’s sexy daughter at the vacation home, a new kind of conflict arises that Rebecca just can’t deal with. Amidst passionate acts and kind words, Rebecca must learn to let go and feel in order to function again. But can she do it at the risk of betraying her assistant? What happens when Rebecca can’t push away the assistant’s enticing daughter?


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