A Love So Encompassing
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Amara Olsen has finally found a sense of peace being her nephews adoptive mother. She is no longer partying and sleeping around with all kinds of women; she is being a mature adult and a loving parent. But when she can’t get over her crush of her doctor, Giselle Villanova, her attempts to flirt with the woman fail spectacularly. Has she lost her touch since becoming a mother? Dr. Giselle Villanova has always focused on work and volunteering, her social skills being atrocious. She doesn’t realize her patient, Amara, has feelings for her until the two have a confrontation outside the office. Is this something that someone like Giselle should pursue, or is she still misreading the situation? Fighting against preconceptions and their own flaws, both women realize there is a lot for them to learn in this new stage of their lives. Will love help them through it? Or will their fears get in the way of true happiness?


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