A Tinder Triangle
Genres: Heterosexual, Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Blair Cunningham is a beautiful, busy professional in the film industry. Recently divorced, she is hesitant to join the Hollywood dating scene until her two best friends introduce her to Tinder. She goes on date after date with men, each one worse than the next. After one particularly brutal date where Blair is sexually assaulted, she swears off men entirely. Returning to Tinder, Blair switches her interest from men to women, where she meets the enticing Jade. Jade introduces her to the fast paced life of sex parties, celebrities, and drugs and for the first time Blair feels alive. Just as Blair begins to believe their relationship could be more, Jade admits she has been seeing a mystery man. A love triangle emerges between the three, with everyone wanting to win Jade over, but what is it that Jade wants?


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