An Unexpected Bride
Genre: Clean
Publication Year: 2016
In the United States during the 1890s, Caleb Hannigan is an attractive young man with the reputation of a heartbreaker. He is always out and about in his western town with the intention of having a good time, no matter how reckless and sinful it is considered to be. Jane hates it. Her little brother cannot be living life like this forever. He shouldn’t be living life like this, at all. Determined to make sure Caleb straightens up and becomes respectable, Jane interviews several women who have the potential to be a good wife to Caleb. If anyone can get Jane’s brother to settle down, it would be a beautiful woman. However, Jane’s plans get skewed when she meets one of these women’s older brother, Joe Merriweather. He is handsome and kind, and Jane finds herself falling for him fast…a man who is rather protective of his sister and rather hateful toward Caleb.


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