Grizzly Seduction
Genre: Heterosexual
Publication Year: 2016
ASIN: B01I0544FS
Isa Chavez is a young woman running away from her problems…in the woods…by herself. Yeah, she didn’t really think this through. While she is taking a break from her mundane life by camping in Bend, Oregon, she comes across a handsome young man who grabs her attention. This man, Luke Wood, seems ordinary enough until he transforms into a bear before Isa’s very eyes. Then her mundane life gets kind of weird after that. Between needing answers and wanting to run for her life, Isa bravely (stupidly) decides to face this strange man and ask him questions that keep tormenting her mind. What results is the uniting of kindred spirits, mixed messages, drama, romance, sex, and a whole lot of madness that constantly makes Isa wonder why the hell she thought it was a good idea to go camping in the woods all by herself. Oh, and there is love.


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