Caught In The Crosshairs
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
There was nothing Trish Grayson wanted more than to spend her life working as a homicide detective for the Chicago PD. All she dreamed about was putting murderers behind bars. The day she was handed her detective’s shield was the best day of her life. Nothing could top it. Nothing could ruin it. That was until Lieutenant Starks assigned Trish her partner - Daisy Rodriguez. From that moment on, nothing went as Trish had planned. She felt like the whole department was laughing at her, just waiting for her to fail. As Trish and Daisy fight to solve their first murder together, things grow more and more complicated. Trish soon realizes that Daisy nor the case are anything like she expected. Contains sexy and mature themes and language. Intended for mature readers. A bonus full-length lesbian romance book follows "Caught in the Crosshairs". Enjoy! Follow us at for updates on new books and a look at our different top authors! We're also on Facebook and Twitter. Check us out, follow, tweet, like and of course, email us and let us know what you think! Readers: Authors and other readers rely on your reviews. Please take a few moments to leave us a review. It is greatly appreciated!


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