Coming Out For Christmas
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Bonus 8,000 word full-length lesbian romance book at the end of Coming Out for Christmas. Many thanks to our amazing readers and fans! Monica Doran had never thought herself as being sexually attracted to women before. She just thought that she didn’t like dating, period. But shortly after her mother nags her about finding the right man, Monica reconnects with her best friend from high school, JoAnna Miller, and Monica’s perception about herself slowly begins to change. She and JoAnna hit it off immediately, despite the fact that it has been years since they have seen one another. Their relationship continues on at an uneven pace—so slow, then too fast, then slow again—and it gets Monica’s head spinning. It doesn’t become a real problem though until her mother pressures her to find someone to bring to their family’s Christmas celebration. Between the struggles of self-acceptance and self-doubt, Monica must find the inner strength to be honest about who she is and what she wants. And it isn’t just for the sake of her own happiness, but for Joanna’s, as well. Warning: Contains sexy themes and language. Intended for mature readers.


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