Count On Me
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Annabelle Bloom, one of Chicago’s youngest, but most tenacious, business owners, has overseen the rise and continuing success of her own bakery in an increasingly competitive market. When her star employee and only confidante, Vanessa, has to take time away to prepare for her baby on the way, Annabelle is thrown into a panic. Without anyone to turn to, she tries one hurried replacement to keep her bakery afloat. When it all goes horribly wrong, a young woman named Claire just happens to be in the bakery, and just happens to be able to straighten everything out—at least for the day. Claire may not know anything about baking, but she does know how to keep her cool when confronted with the harsh realities of customer service. It’s only around Annabelle that her confidence becomes unsure, and as the two work together they both realize that they’re each other’s rock in the storm. Warning: Contains sexual themes and racy language. Intended for mature readers. Bonus full-length 8,000 word lesbian romance book following "Learning to Breathe". Enjoy!


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