Darkness Calling
Genre: Gay
Publication Year: 2016
George and his boyfriend Frankie had it all...up until one of them became an "undead" and disappeared. George is a busy grad student who works lame jobs to get by while he focuses on his future career and the love of his life. Frankie is better in every way and George is constantly making sure that Frankie is secure in George's love for him. After a creeper visits George's job, hitting on him and making him uncomfortable, George chalks it up to a normal visit from the graveyard shift weirdos but what happens after he leaves work will change his life forever. Left with Mathew, a vampire officer, George is forced into seclusion, away from the love of his life and everyone he has ever known. His desires and strength shock and surprise him. He is told he will never see Frankie again but George knows that true love can overpower death, fate, and even the vampire police. This is a gay romance that contains sexual themes and language. Intended for mature readers. A bonus gay romance follows "Darkness Calling". Enjoy, and remember: readers and writers rely on YOU and your reviews. Please read the bonus romance and leave a review on Amazon! Follow us at moonandstarpress.com. There you will find all of our new and older books, the different genres and authors, and links to our twitter, Facebook, and email. We can't wait to hear from you!


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