Discovering Katy
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Free bonus full-length 8,000 word lesbian romance after Discovering Katy! Many thanks to our amazing readers and fans! Katy is beside herself when a woman's number falls out of her boyfriend's pants. She loses it when she calls that number and finds that her boyfriend is at the woman's house, when he's supposed to be working. In comes Haley, an acquaintance at work who helps Katy get over her vicious self-loathing by forcing her out of the house. One night while up and partying, one thing leads to another leaving Katy confused. She wants her stupid boyfriend, she wants to try a relationship with Haley. Katy is flummoxed. Her stupid boyfriend smashes her with raw reality and the true person Katy is supposed to be with will save the day and Katy's heart. Warning: Sexy themes and language. Intended for Mature readers.


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