Our Own Fairy Tale: First Kiss
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016

When not with her long time best friend, Karen, Rebecca Glass is well known to have her nose in a good fairy tale story. She believes in true love, everlasting loyalty and being woken up from a deep sleep with a simple tender kiss. Why should she not believe in these things when her parents twenty-plus-year marriage is the perfect example?

Lately her best friend’s disbelief in her love for these stories bothers Rebecca and she knows why: Rebecca is head over heels for Karen and if Karen doesn’t believe in true love, how could she ever feel the same feelings for Rebecca?

The young women are going off to college soon, and as life quickly changes for them, things seemingly start to shift between them from true friendship to…something else.

Rebecca soon learns her family may not be the perfect family after all and the burning love she’s held for Karen hits a breaking point. Can true love exist and last in a world that’s so not a fairy tale?


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