Our Own Fairy Tale: Summer Without You
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016

As summer begins, Rebecca and Karen's find themselves facing separation sooner than they expected. Karen is offered a chance to perform at a Summer Stock Theatre in Ohio, led by her hero, while Rebecca is being shipped off to stay with her grandparents in a small, coastal town in Maine.

Karen finds herself swept away in a new world of excitement and passion, while Rebecca is lonely, isolated - with only her cold, unfeeling grandparents for company.

Rebecca and her father are still reeling from her mother's affair - and now her mother is trying to force her way back into Rebecca's life.

As she deals with her family drama, Rebecca is finding Karen is pulling farther and farther away from her - and a new girl, Claire, is attempting to get closer.

Can Rebecca keep believing in her and Karen's fairy tale when the world tries to come between them? What happens when true love's first kiss doesn't lead straight to a happily ever after?


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