Love to the Rescue
Genre: Clean
Publication Year: 2016

A story of true love found by fate, and of nature reborn with vivid beauty, "Rescued Hearts", will leave you smiling, and with a new appreciation for the power of love, friendship, and the natural world.

Life on Mr. Dillinger’s Midwest turn-of-the-century farm is tough but fun for Anna Petrova. His daughters are lovely and the hard work is far more rewarding than any other kind, but something strange is going on with Mr. Dillinger himself. Strange glances, and faint nighttime noises may be clues, or may be nothing at all.

Can Anna navigate the dynamics of her adoptive family, from the elder sister’s upcoming marriage to Mr. Dillinger’s frequent outbursts? With marriage on the mind, does something bright lay ahead? What solutions await her problems? What romance will she find toiling in the fields? How did a young, beautiful Russian girl even wind up on an American farm?

As Anna’s life blooms and brightens, like a morning sky, she will experience the new, see the world she thought she knew transform in every way imaginable, and become the woman she was always meant to be.


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