Plus One and a Half
Genre: Heterosexual
Publication Year: 2016

Vanessa Ares had to give up everything when she got knocked up at eighteen: her scholarship to a prestigious art school, her future music career, and even her parents. Her daughter has always been more than worth all of those sacrifices, but when Vanessa’s old high school friend comes back into town for her own wedding, Vanessa can’t help but feel insecure.

What must people think about the college drop-out, working full time at a crappy café? But the worst part is is that her friend’s brother, Ian, has also come back to town, and he has been asking about Vanessa.

Ian James—famous running back, trouble-maker, player in more ways than one—he is the pride of this little town. But lately, he has been restless with his fame. It feels empty now. If he only he had made things work out with Vanessa—the only girl who ever made him feel alive—back in the past. Things might have turned out differently. It is with this in mind that he searches for Vanesa in hopes of somehow winning her heart again.


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