ROMANCE: Temptations of the Wicked Life
Genre: Heterosexual
Publication Year: 2016
Heather is a lonely 30-something woman, stuck in the monotony of a single status and having to watch her best friend, Tracy, live the dream just next door. She cannot help but feel like she is missing out by watching her best friend go about her daily life with her handsome husband and beautiful life. When she meets Tracy's college-student son, back from his studies, she cannot help but find an attraction. He's gorgeous and seems to think the same about her. When Jesse's parents leave on a vacation, days after him getting back from college, Heather is in charge of watching over the house and keeping Jesse company. Keeping things friendly with Jesse may be too much to ask and taboo desires are the hardest to ignore. TWO Bonus Romance Books at the end of this book!!*** WARNING: Explicit content. Intended for those 18 and older.


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