Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Bonus 8,000 word romance book following Roommates. Many thanks to our amazing readers, fans, and reviewers! Valorie doesn’t think much of the freshman, Kat Shnover, when she first arrives to their dorm room. Kat is a quiet thing covered in dark clothing while Valorie Heyward is a junior student who is outgoing and a fun-loving writer. She is a generally bright person who is happy with her life while Kat is…Kat is hard to read, most days. But after Valorie and Kat spend some time together, the mousy freshman has Valorie questioning herself—her confidence, her identity, and even her dreams. Is she as great a writer as she always thought? Does she prefer dating men or…or women? Valorie had never been so insecure until Kat entered her life, but Kat—beneath the dark layers of clothing and the stoic silence—is one of the sweetest people Valorie has ever known. She has a magnificent talent for art, and she has a surprising amount of bravery when it comes to being sincere. Can two very different people find love together? Or will their differences ultimately drive them apart? Warning: Sexy languages and themes. Intended for mature readers. Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!


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