Saving Georgia
Genre: Heterosexual
Publication Year: 2016
When Shay Gregor loses the love of his life and their infant child, his heart and mind completely shatter. Unable to cope with his losses, his overwhelming sense of denial results in the creation of another personality: Niall, a heroic vigilante who is determined to save his city’s people from tragedies. Niall saves a young woman named Georgia one night from a group of muggers, and he doesn’t think much about it at first. But the moment she grabs his hand and thanks him, Shay’s memories of his true love flash before him. And then Niall can’t stay away from the lovely Georgia—someone who reminds him of his past. Through shyness, awkward encounters, and an unexplained feeling of longing, two strange people come together in an unconventional way. And Niall doesn’t realize he is being saved by this woman until he is in too deep to pull away.


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