Saving Grace
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Since the death of her best friend and surrogate sister Raylean’s life hasn’t been one worth living. She’s gone through the motions, doing everything she’s supposed to do while drowning in her grief and angst. Most often than not she would end her nights drunk and wake up with a hangover so intense it was almost strong enough to overpower the pain she was feeling. Losing Beatrice had torn Raylean’s life apart so badly she never thought she would feel true happiness again. Then, when she meets MaKayla, everything changes. A girl with hair just like Beatrice’s captivates Raylean’s attention immediately and it isn’t long before she finds herself daydreaming about this girl. No matter what she does, Raylean can’t get her mind off of MaKayla. She obsesses over MaKayla’s number for weeks until, finally, she’s ready to see her again. Together, the two women traverse their way through the city of New York and through Raylean’s grief. Warning: Contains adult themes and language. Intended for mature readers. BONUS full-length 8,000 word lesbian romance follows "Saving Grace". Enjoy! Check out and get your fix of the latest new lesbian romance books going on sale and free promotion. Remember: Authors and readers rely on your reviews. Please tell us what you think.


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