Secret Affair
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Bonus 8,000 plus Lesbian Romance story at the end of Taming the Lady of Scandal! Many thanks to our readers!! Lenora Mason comes across Lady Lyn’s Pleasure Home by accident on her home from work. She never expects to be drawn to the brothel—or, more specifically, to one of its workers, Nettie Bell. In Victorian Era London, being near a fallen woman like Nettie is unforgivable, but Lenora can’t keep herself away. She doesn’t realize she is falling in love with another woman until she is in too deep to stop herself…until she is in too deep to want to stop herself. Secrets, risks, hope, and love drive Lenora the moment Nettie makes her question what it means to live a happy life. Factory-work may be more respectable than working in a brothel, but if you are not even enjoying the life you are working for, what is the point? However, Lenora’s friends and family don’t understand this, and test Lenora’s resolve on what she is willing to do for herself and for true love.


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