Seeking Women Online
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Heather Monk is a lonely copyeditor whose online dating profile receives zero attention from men. Lonely, lost, and perhaps a little too naïve for her own good, Heather decides to change her profile’s sexual preference from MEN to WOMEN—just to see if she can get anyone to respond to her. As it turns out, a lot of women are interested in her. And Heather can’t turn away from a good date—or several good dates with a few enticing women. Why not? It is all good fun until Heather dates Bea Conant, a passionate social worker who treats Heather better than anyone has ever treated her before. These fun, casual dates turn into something deeper much faster than Heather expects, and she has to face the joys and the conflicts this infatuation causes. Can true love prevail in the midst of compromise and sacrifice? Or is Heather in over her head with a woman who refuses to put her own dreams on hold for Heather’s sake? Warning: Contains sexual themes and racy language. Intended for mature readers. Bonus full-length 8,000 word lesbian romance book following "Learning to Breathe". Enjoy!


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