Small Town Kindred Souls
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Danielle is a fresh transplant from the coast to the middle of the country, and working at a vet’s office isn’t exactly the easiest way to work oneself into a new community. Under the competent watch of Dr. Sammie May, Danielle learns that there’s more to a small town than meets the eye: some of it bad, but, in the end, some of it much too good to be true—and yet it is. When an intransigent puppy is rescued, but its mother unable to care for it, Danielle must take on the task of an overnight watch. What she doesn’t anticipate is a small demon, and, after calling on Sammie for help, the vet manages to placate the puppy. Two beers at the kitchen table quickly multiply, and soon Danielle has forgotten all about the puppy. And so has Dr. Sammie May. Warning: Contains sexual themes and racy language. Intended for mature readers. Bonus full-length 8,000 word lesbian romance book following "Learning to Breathe". Enjoy!


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