Snowed In
Genre: Gay
Publication Year: 2016
Damien just wants to get to New Mexico for his own personal reasons, but when a layover flight in Missouri is delayed for days due to a blizzard, he and three other people are forced to stay at a nearby bed and breakfast for the time being. Damien doesn’t expect to care about Dennis (a snobby doctor), Jasmine (a first-time mom with a wailing infant), and especially Corey (a mouthy account who won’t stop flirting with him). But the more time he spends with these people—the more time he spends with Corey—the more Damien learns about himself. And he is coming to realize that accepting who he really is is not such a bad thing. Meanwhile, Jasmine is just trying to get her life back in order along with raising a baby alone. She does not need some self-righteous doctor making rude comments about her baby’s constant wails. But after she defends herself and her child to this doctor—this Dennis—he surprises her by showing a nicer, softer side. Maybe he isn’t as bad as he initially seemed. This gay romance contains sexy themes and language. Intended for mature readers. Bonus: A gay romance book follows "Snowed In". Enjoy! Writers and readers rely on YOU and your reviews. Please leave a review after reading the bonus romance. We thank you! Check us out at for information on all the books we offer, the different authors, genres, and steamy collections. Also you will find links to our email, twitter, and Facebook accounts! We can't wait to hear from you!


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