Speak of the Devil
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016

Second book in the series: Lesbian Cop Romance Fiction by Felicia Strobe!

Trish Grayson and Daisy Rodriguez are doing everything they can to balance their growing relationship with their ongoing professional partnership. Still, no matter how much they try, something always seems to be holding them back.

More than anything, they want to be together without the pressures of their job coming between them, but when Trish asks Daisy to move in with her they both begin to realize just how much their job is coming between them.

When a new case lands in their lap, their already tense relationship becomes even more so as old, painful memories begin to resurface. They delve into the one thing they’ve learned to do well together: work.

Things quickly speed up as Trish and Daisy fight to solve the most devastating and high profile case of their careers. Can they come out of this case unscathed? Or will their relationship eventually fail along with their elusive murderer?


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