The Big Apple
Genre: Gay
Publication Year: 2016
Edwin has always assumed his whole life that he didn’t deserve true happiness. Kentucky wasn’t exactly the nicest place when it came to openly gay artists like him, but it was the only place he’d ever known. He could never move away from it. He figured he’d never be able to fulfill his dreams of going to art school and having a thrilling romance with an attractive man. But when he meets Will one day on his morning commute to work, everything changes. Will gives him the courage to gamble on everything and give up his quaint Kentucky life for the bustling New York City. Edwin never expects to see Will again and soon after moving to New York, he forgets about the magnificent man. But when Will comes rushing back into his life, Edwin can’t believe his luck. Is this Edwin’s chance at the magnificent romance he’d always dreamed of? This gay romance book contains sexy themes and language. Intended for mature readers. Content also includes a Bonus gay romance following "The Big Apple". Enjoy! Visit us at for a full selection of all of our books! Choose from gay, lesbian, heterosexual, and clean romance! Remember, writers and readers rely on your reviews!


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