The Girlfriend Experience
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Work obsessed, Kathleen Peters, never thought her life would turn out this way. From the second her boss, Joseph Graw, announced that he wanted to make her a partner at their firm, her only thought had been about advancing her career. Everything she’d worked so hard for was within her grasp. All the years that she’d put her life on hold were about to pay off so long as she was able to do one simple thing: find a pretend girlfriend. Against her better judgement, Kathleen hires an escort as her date and crossed her fingers that things would turn out in her favor. She never expected for her entire life to change when Tatiana Vasquez walked through the door. In an instant, Kathleen’s world flipped upside down and everything she thought she knew changed on a dime. Warning: Contains sexual themes and language. Intended for mature readers. BONUS: Full-length 8,000 plus word book following "The Girlfriend Experience". Enjoy!


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