Trouble With Friends
Genre: Gay
Publication Year: 2016
Chris Hanes swore he was straight when he went over to his girlfriend’s apartment to propose, but when he catches her cheating on him with a woman, he feels…nothing. He’s not angry—not even turned on, like other men claimed to be when they see two women having sex. Confused, he tries not to think about it and ends up thinking about Marc Emerson, his best friend, who has been fighting in Afghanistan for over a year. While reuniting and confiding in Marc, Chris slowly begins to realize that his love for his dear friend is not platonic. But Marc, who is openly gay and so incredibly loyal, is worried about taking advantage of Chris. Reevaluating himself and his life takes more effort and courage than Chris expected, but when he realizes he is ultimately doing this to make things right with Marc, he knows it is worth it. Marc is worth everything. This is a work of gay romance and contains sexy themes and language. Intended for mature readers. Writers and readers rely on YOU and your reviews. You have the power. Leave a review. A bonus gay romance follows "Trouble with Friends". Enjoy! And follow us at to get on our email list, see a list of all our new and older books and for links to our twitter, Facebook and email! We can't wait to hear from you!


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