Undercover Protector
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Rosie Little is nineteen years old and homeless—has been homeless all of her life. She has learned long ago how to survive on the streets of a busy city, and she has become rather complacent with her life as it is. That is when she meets Violet Levi. Sweet, 18-year-old Violet is quite new to the homeless lifestyle, but she is much too innocent and naïve to have lived it very long. She stirs something in Rosie—something Rosie has never felt before, and she can’t help but be completely mesmerized the kind beauty that is Violet. However, things are not as they seem. Violet seems more knowledgeable about Rosie than she should be, and it doesn’t help that Violet’s transgender friend, Lexus, has been known to snitch to the police for money. Rosie had never considered herself soft before, but there is something about Violet that makes her blind to reality…and Rosie isn’t sure if that is a good thing or not. Warning: Contains sexual themes and language. Intended for mature readers.


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