We are your Sons, We are your Husbands
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016

Trish Grayson and Daisy Rodriguez take on a serial killer—the Mandragora Killer—who has been terrorizing the west coast when one of his victims is found in Chicago. It is a whole new kind of horror for Trish to witness, and for the first time in her short career, she can feel her fear rising beyond controllable measures.

Things get more complicated when Daisy’s ex-wife shows up to help the investigation. According to her, she is a psychic. But her visions and advice are useless, and her treatment of Daisy is even worse. Daisy clearly can’t think straight when she is around that woman, and it is all Trish can do to keep the two of them afloat through this crisis.

Amidst corpses, fear, and past grief, Trish Grayson must find the Mandragora Killer before he claims another victim while helping her partner cope with resurfacing sorrow. Otherwise, everything that matters to Trish could be ripped away from her.


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