Wild Child
Genre: Lesbian
Publication Year: 2016
Claire is a mess. She stays out too late, she parties too hard, and then, when she stumbles into consciousness the next day, she does it all over again. Usually, she’s chugging beers or taking a hit of molly to the music of her favorite singer, Mazy Love, a punk-rock goddess sweeping the nation. When her friend scores tickets to see Mazy in concert, an unexpected turn of events leads to Claire blacking out—but that’s not the unexpected part. What shocks Claire is where she wakes up: in the touring bus of Mazy Love. And the singer is staring right at her. In this story, a twist of fate brings two women together. What Claire doesn’t realize, is that Mazy is not what she seems. And what she doesn’t expect, is that Mazy is exactly just what she needs. Warning: Sexual themes and languange. Intended for mature readers. BONUS full-length lesbian romance following "Wild Child". Enjoy!


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