You’re So Vain
Genre: Clean
Publication Year: 2016
Sofia Petrov works hard for her older sister at the PR company that she owns, and enjoys the hard work. She's a sweetheart that believes in hard work and kindness. Sofia is shocked to find herself drawn toward an arrogant and brooding man who she sees each day during lunch at her local coffee shop. Encouraged by her friend, Sofia makes a bold move as she slips the stranger her number. Her heart pounding as she waits for the telephone to ring. Yet Sofia is to have her world turned upside down when she discovers that Blake, who turns out to be amazing...has a young son with a famous model. With their pictures spread across the media she instantly regrets getting involved, feeling inadequate. Can Blake convince Sofia that his heart belongs to her? And can Sophie forgive his secrecy and allow herself to be with the man she loves?


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