jersey online wholesale The skinny: I don’t know whether he’s overrated or not, but I do know that he’s a premium athlete who is likely to have a big NFL Scouting Combine. I feel certain he’ll be drafted early, but at what position? The most interesting conversation within the scouting community is whether to draft Ramsey as a cornerback or a safety. Most of the personnel men I’ve spoken with see safety as his best position.
The scoop: “I hear the DeSean Jackson comparison and I can’t get there. DeSean was faster, tougher and more reliable than Fuller. I’m not saying Fuller can’t play but I don’t think he’s DeSean.” Scout on Notre Dame WR Will Fuller
The skinny: NFL player comparisons are a tricky elite chad williams jersey sale cheap arizona cardinals beast. For example, there are times when my comps are based on body types and sometimes my comps are based on playing style. There are also times when my comps are based on future projections of success. What one evaluator sees as an accurate comp nhl evgeni malkin jersey cheap from china might vary from another’s based on what their determining factor is. Personally, I cheap authentic nba boston celtics jerseys online can see the comparison to Jackson, but I think the better comparison might be Ted Ginn. And obviously, I’m referring to the current Ted Ginn and not the Ted Ginn everyone was so down on a few years ago.
The scoop: “That is a dude, larry ogunjobi jersey sale cheap nfl cleveland browns right there. He was busting up Ohio State in the fourth quarter of that game not because he was more talented than those guys but because he just wanted it more. He’s tougher than old beef jerky. He fits in our division.” NFC North scout on Michigan State OT Jack Conklin
The skinny: Old beef jerky can be very tough, and Conklin is a tough guy. It doesn’t always look pretty with Conklin, but he gets guys blocked. The biggest question facing evaluators is whether Conklin can stay on the left side or if he’ll have to move to right tackle. One thing is for certain offensive line coaches will love the consistency and toughness of Conklin.