Sarah’s Secret by Sasha Holden

A lyrical jaunt through the memories of Sarah. The prose changes pace with the scene and develops a rhythm that fits what Sarah is experiencing. A roller coaster ride reminiscent of Emmanuel but more vivid. No need to wonder if there is anything good on TV when one can read about Malcolm’s Prize.”

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Angel with Mercy by Scott Willis

“All expectations have been exceeded. The author, Scott Willis, pulls on your heart strings. Be prepared to bite your lip often. This steamy, rich story of lust and excitement is made real with each word you read. Lots of incredible thoughts created right before your eyes.” 

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You’re So Vain by Rose DeAngelo

What a great book. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my life so for me to be able to read is a big deal.  I couldn’t put this book down it was so good.! My house was a mess, my kids starving and I don’t think I brushed my teeth until I finished! This book was really cute and I cannot wait to read more.”

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sarah's secret cover

Sarah’s Secret –  Sasha Holden

So you are beautiful and sexy, yet lonely. You just want love, affection. But when you can’t reach between the bedroom walls into the bed of your best friends husband, with whom you live, it becomes more than love and affection you lust after. What do you do when the thirst you crave can’t be quenched? Set on the beautiful Australian Coastline, maybe, just maybe, all your dreams will come true.

This stylishly written romantic tale of three lives intertwined escalates over time into one of not just passion, lust and desire. Out of nowhere the unexpected arrives to release unparalleled scenes of erotica that sweep you away on a wave of ecstasy. Confused as you are, vulnerable and uncertain as you may be, you know deep down in places only you have visited, that he has been looking. There’s only one problem. While he’s been noticing, your best friend has been protecting. She’s not about to give up everything she’s worked hard for. And why should she. She has him, you just want him. Or should I say, need him.

Three’s a crowd. Or is it?




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